Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water

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Choosing the best bottled water for you and your family can be a daunting task. There are dozens of choices, from a variety of sources across the United States as well as exotic locations like Fiji and Iceland. Each with their own claims to be the best. How do you cut through the clutter to make the choice that's right for you?

Arm yourself with the facts to make an informed decision you can feel good about, based on the answers to these questions. What is the water's source? Where is that source located? Is the water all natural, or have artificial ingredients been added? What is the pH level and why is that important?

We've done the homework to answer those questions for you and provide additional information about the role that proper alkaline balance plays in maintaining better health.

"What is pH? pH (Potential Hydrogen) is a measure of relative acidity or alkalinity, with 0 at the extreme acid end of the scale and 14 at the extreme alkaline end."

Susan Silberstein, PhD, Founder & President, explains the science behind the benefits of alkaline water. "Water is the most crucial factor in establishing and maintaining proper acid-alkaline balance. The blood stream seeks to maintain a consistent pH balance of 7.3 or 7.4, but poor quality diet, stress, environmental toxins, and medications can cause our metabolic pH to become too acidic."

Silberstein continues, "Because disease thrives in acidosis, drinking alkaline water is the fastest way to positively impact health and eradicate inflammation caused by excess acidity. High pH water can help alkalinize the body at the cellular level and help the blood stream maintain its appropriate pH. This, in turn, helps to increase energy, improve sleep, reduce pain, eliminate acid reflux, relieve colitis and irritable bowel problems, normalize blood pressure and weight, and resist disease."

This comparison chart shows how different bottled water brands, as well as beverages like coffee and soda, stack up on the pH scale; their water source and treatment and point of origin.

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