Custom Bottled Water Showcase

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Custom bottled water is a low cost, effective way to build awareness for your business, organization or special event. We've been privileged to help hundreds of clients across the state of Wisconsin and throughout the US create their very own bottled water. As we begin a new year, we thought you might enjoy hearing about a few of these clients' success stories, and perhaps be inspired to explore your own bottled water brand in 2018.

MATTHEW'S TIRE #WeKeepYouRolling Promotion

Matthew's Tire is a tire and automotive service provider dedicated to supporting the communities they serve with six locations throughout the Northeast Wisconsin area. They chose to add custom bottled water to their marketing portfolio as a healthy, low cost and relatively easy way to support local non-profits including Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross and area schools.

Their new Facebook Photo Contest was designed to build awareness, engage with consumers and provide relevant content for social media channels. Matthew's Tire added their own creative twist by offering a chance to win a FREE oil change, gift card or perks when followers share their #WeKeepYouRolling selfie drinking Matthew's Tire private label bottled water.

TRI-NORTH BUILDERS  Build Smart with Tri-North

Serving client partners for 35 years, Tri-North is a full service construction management company dedicated to delivering successful retail, commercial & multi-unit residential construction projects.

Tri-North provides their custom bottled water to visitors and clients at five locations across the US, as well as on some of their larger project sites. They chose eco-friendly ENSO™ biodegradable bottles that provide a packaging alternative to standard PET bottles. These bottles biodegrade in landfill environments to leave behind no harmful materials and can be mixed into the recycling stream with other plastic bottles.

In addition, Tri-North gives back to the communities they serve by donating their water to charities and using it for corporate events such as blood drives, Kids Building Wisconsin and other non-profits that use their facilities for meetings.

VIKING ELECTRIC SUPPLY Keep Cool Stay Safe Program

Clients of Viking Electric Supply can get healthy, great tasting bottled water delivered right to their jobsite, or arrange pick-up at one of the 11 regional distribution centers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Ordering is a snap with the scannable QR code on the flyer. This Keep Cool Stay Safe program won two tED magazine Best of the Best awards in the Natl Assoc of Electrical Distributors annual marketing competition. Viking Electric Supply provides quality electrical tools and equipment from over 400 manufacturers.

To get started bringing your bottled water vision to life, visit

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